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How Much Do Hair Extensions Cost?

How Much Do Hair Extensions Cost?

So how much do hair extensions really cost?

Hair extensions costs can vary drastically by region, salon, amount of hair (weight strands or pieces) length and time for installation.  Costs can range from $150 -$2,500 depending on the service requested.

One way to cut costs drastically on hair extension services to acquire the hair on your own, like with the super affordable tape in hair extensions company SDX.   Purchasing hair through hair companies online can cust your costs in half if not more by simply providing the hair for the service.

Need help deciding what you need? Online tutorials and reaching out to customer service departments can help you decipher what you will need for your hair extensions goals. 

Another great way of helping keep costs low is staying brand loyal and signing up for newsletters (that may send out coupons) following social media channels and being a part of rewards programs to keep adding the savings everytime you buy.

Last but not least - many hair extensions companies offer 0% financing options for any amount purchased - check out some cool details here.