Netflix and Tape-In Hair Extensions?

Almost everyone has watched an episode on Netflix.  But how many of you have wondered if the Neflix character your watching is wearing extensions.  More specifically, are the actors your watching on Nextflix wearing tape-in hair extensions?

Let's breakdown the reasons why you might think those Nextflix characters are wearing tape-in hair extensions

1: Last season their hair was much shorter

2: You see their hair is thicker than before

3: You notice they only wear their hair in low styles

If you suspect extensions, you're probably right.  Since not all of us are bathed with a glam squad like in hollywood, you're probaly wondering how you can take care for the extensions yourself.  Take a peek at our section on how to care for your extensions to find out more.

After watching the illusions using hair extensions in TV, you might need to know how many pieces you need to achive the same goal?  If you want to know, hop over to our Quiz section and find out!

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