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What are Permanent Hair Extensions?

What are Permanent Hair Extensions?

Permanent hair extensions are extensions that are meant to stay in the hair for an extended period of time and in most instances are installed and removed by a salon professional. 

How Long do Permanent Hair Extensions Last?

Permanent hair extensions, such as traditional Tape in Hair Extensions, can last anywhere from 4-8 weeks or more before needing to be removed.  The actual time is really based on a structured maintenance routine.  If you'd like to know more about how to care for hair extensions, click here.

Tape in Hair Extensions, Micro-Fusion, Keratin Bonded and sewen-in wefts are all examples of permanent hair extension services.  The natural hair must first be prepped using a high ph shampoo to completely cleanse the hair. Once the hair is clean it should be blow dried completely before installation. Click the following link to view a step-by-step guide for installing Tape in Hair Extensions.

What are Temporary Hair Extensions?

Clip in hair extensions are a great example of temporary hair extensions which are intended to be removed after a few hours and only worn on an intermittent basis.   

Clip in hair extensions are designed to enhance a style for special occasions such as weddings, photo shoots and professional pictures.  Although clip in hair extensions are easy to install and remove, they do come with a negative effect.  The weight of clip in hair extensions is usually heavier than the natural hair.  The method of installation can involve over-directing, twisting and/or backcombing the natural hair at the root to hold the clip.  Unfortunately, this can cause undue stress on the natural hair resulting in hair breakage. 

Thankfully, there are some semi-permanent tape in hair extensions that use temporary tape on the tab.  These can be removed within hours without any damage or hair breakage and are installed in a manner that flows with the natural movement of your hair.