Buying Tape in Hair Extensions shouldn't break the bank.

We offer 1-6 month financing options with Behalf

Behalf increases your purchasing ability.

Using a credit line instead of cash increases your purchase capacity. It is the solution you have been looking for to help you scale.


Behalf is cash flow management on demand.

When you fund your purchases with Behalf, you’re always in control of your cash flow. Payment options are simply presented each time you make a purchase and you choose your ideal fixed rate payment plan.


Go beyond fixed Net payment terms.

Stop negotiating with your vendors and customize your own terms. Pay your vendors with Behalf and Net 30 payment terms will never hold you back again.


Behalf is "responsible" funding.

We automatically debit your bank account on the repayment schedule you set. This way, you stay on track and finance fees can’t pile up. No compounding interest = no surprises.


Free to apply. No cost to open or maintain your account.