SDX. was created by 2 successful stylists and veteran entrepreneurs. Their mission was simple, make great hair extensions at an affordable price. 

Originally SDX. sought to create high-end hair that could last up to 10 months of re-installs and wear. We manufactured our own hair, our own custom colors, and went straight to our factory floors to inspect quality. But, we soon found out, our clients didn't really want to baby their hair extensions all in the name of making them last. What did they want? Fresh hair every install!

Fast forward to the SDX. of today and we consider ourselves the champions of affordable hair extensions. Not only that, we consistently invest in tools that enable both stylists and wearers to have the most enjoyable hair extension experience around. For example, we are known for offering multiple tape options. We know that not all hair calls for the same tools.

We continue to test and install extensions daily in our own salon.  And, you can enjoy the results on our social media.

Our clients rave about the value (high-quality and low price). They appreciate our photography which portrays the average woman enjoying longer and fuller hair. Plus, they benefit from our candid tutorials that teach tips and tricks of installing and wearing hair extensions that only come from decades in the business.

SDX. is on a mission to make Tape in Hair Extensions as affordable as a cut and color.

Join the Hair Extension Revolution!