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What's the difference between Tape-in Hair Extensions?

If you're considering getting tape-in hair extensions, you've probably heard of other kinds of extension as well.   Let SDX. break it down for you.


Tape-in Hair Extensions are the beauty industries leading form of no-damage extension because of the way it is in installed.  Tape-in hair extensions are installed using the natural growth pattern of hair.


Hand tied wefts are different than tape-in hair extensions because it used a corn-row braiding method.  After the braids are in place, a weft is laid on the braid and then hand sewed into place.  As the braid caused over direction and stressed to the natural hair, so does the weight of the weft.


Micro-beads are different then tape-in hair extensions because they overdirect the natural hair from the natural growth pattern at each installation site.  Micro-beads are anywhere from 300-500 install sites, pulling on the natural hair potentially causing damage at each site.



Keratin bond extensions are different from tape-in hair extensions because the also (like micro-beads) overidrect the natural growth pattern of your hair at several installation site causing damage to your natural hair.


If you are looking for a damage free hair extension, SDX. Hair has your back. We offer beauty industires leading form of no-damage extension when installed by a professional.

Tape-in Hair extensions are easy in care for and maintain.  And if your curious how many pieces you might need to achieve your goal, head on over to our "How Many Pieces Do I Need Quiz" to find out,


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