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What Kind of Hair Extensions are right for me?

What Kind of Hair Extensions are right for me?

What kind of hair extensions do you need?

Fine hair, thin hair, Caucasian, Asian, African-American or blended - Tape in Hair Extensions are the beauty industry's leading form of no-damage extension wear.

If you are looking for a way to extend your hair length without damage, then look no further then tape in hair extensions. More information can be found on all the different types of extensions here.  

Tape in hair extensions utilizes a thin slice of natural hair sandwiched between two pieces of tape (hypoallergenic medical adhesive), which are laid in a brick-layer pattern starting at the base or nape area of the head with serval rows evenly spaced from the nape to the upper parietal of a clients head.  Step by step installation instructions can be viewed here.

Tape in hair extensions are more comfortable than other options as they lay flat directly out from where the hair grows with minimal to no notice of their existence once installed and styled.  If you would like to see how they are installed, you can read more here on how to install tape in hair extensions.  Detailed installation instructions can be found here.

Using an extension specific boar brush, you can comfortably brush through extensions from natural hair root to extension tip without snagging, or tangling.  You can read all about ways to keep your hair free from damage here

They can be washed, conditioned (with exception), curled and heat styled.  To learn more, click here.