Can You Reapply Tape-In Hair Extensions?

You’ve made it through your first round of wearing tape-in hair extensions. You’ve fallen in love with your new look, but sadly your hair has grown and you’re due to take the extensions out. You don't have to toss those extensions out. The tape for your SDX extensions can be replaced for a new application!

tape in hair extensions

When to Order Replacement Tape

Tape-in hair extensions can usually be worn for around eight weeks before you need to reinstall them. When you order your replacement tape, you want to choose the same amount of tape as the pieces of hair you have. For instance, if you plan to reinstall 40 pieces, order enough tape to secure all pieces. Replacement tape choices include temporary hold and super-secure hold. With the former, this tape is meant for only temporary wear that lasts a wash or two. For the latter, you can reinstall the extensions for up to eight weeks.

tape in hair extensions

Installing Replacement Extensions

We recommend that you go to you hairstylist to remove and reapply your tape-in hair extensions. Be careful if you decide to remove and reapply yourself. Tape-in hair extensions are simple to remove with oil-based or alcohol-based products sprayed onto the tape to loosen the bond. Once the tape is loosened, it can be gently pulled off of the natural hair. Before reinstalling with replacement tape, your natural hair should be cleaned to remove any residue. The extensions should be prepped too. Remove any tangles and set each piece on a flat surface. Remove the old tape, but it’s not necessary to clean off any adhesive residue left behind because SDX tape leaves behind no sticky residue! The replacement tape will be lined up exactly in the same spot that the old tape was applied. Press down on each piece of replacement tape to remove any air bubbles before reinstalling.

A professional stylist should do all removal sand re-installations of tape-in hair extensions. Order your replacement tape from SDX.  and bring it to your next salon appointment.


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