Tape In Hair Extensions Offer Beauty and Flexibility

Go as daring as the color wheel allows and change your hair color as much as you change your mind with colorful hair extensions. Your hair is now an accessory to enjoy no matter what your mood or your outfit. Tape in hair extensions can coordinate with your jewelry, complement your favorite blouse or make awesome gifts to give your fashionista BFF.  Here are three creative, colorful ways to enjoy hair extensions.

tape in hair extensions

1. Color Your World:  Pretty in Pink, Vibrant Blue, Truly Turquoise and Sumptuous Silver are colors that are trending on the runways. Models are flaunting their favorite colors from the top of their heads to the tips of their toes. Tape in hair extensions allow you to enjoy this rainbow of color to create a fun and whimsical fashion statement right in your beautiful locks.

tape in hair extensions

2.  Shades of Gray, Red, Whatever:  Getting bored with the same hair color day in and day out? Had enough of the same shoulder-length hairdo? Tape in hair extensions allow you to easily experiment with different shades of your natural hair color to add dimension and highlights without a long term commitment.  Extensions also allow you to turn a shorter style into long, thick waves without waiting forever for your hair to grow out. 

tape in hair extensions

3.  Get Some Volume & Length:  Beautiful, voluminous hair is in style and tape in hair extensions can help you achieve the volume you desire. Tape in hair extensions can make your hair look longer and fuller, helping you achieve popular hairstyles. You can find the perfect color to match your natural hair color, no one will ever know you're wearing extensions.

Hair extensions allow you to enhance your everyday look and enjoy the best and most colorful great hair days ahead. 

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