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How Many Pieces of Tape In Hair Extensions Will I Need?

How Many Pieces of Tape In Hair Extensions Will I Need?

Take our Quiz to find out how many hair extension pieces you'll need.

Tape in hair extensions are like shampoo: You always seem to wind up using way too much or way too little. We're here to help clear up any confusion you might have!

Start with an evaluation of your hair: Length and type. Is it thick? Thin? Long? Short? Do you want to add volume and length, or just cover up frayed tips?

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The Best Candidate For Extensions

Typically you're going to be considering extensions for long, stressed hair with significant damage at the tips, usually owing to chemical damage. No matter how luxurious your natural hair may be, it can only take so much treatment before it's a little worse for wear.

For those with average hair density, this is a relatively easy fix since you're not really trying to extend the length, just fix the tips, and your extensions should blend in naturally with around ten to twenty pieces of tape.

Thin, Sparse Hair

The trick to thin hair is that you don't want to create too much volume with your extensions, so twenty pieces of tape will usually do the trick.

Adding Length and Volume

For sparse hair, adding length and volume will take you around thirty to forty pieces of tape.

Short Cuts

If you're hoping to add some length to a shorter cut, you'll need to go heavy-duty and use at least forty pieces of tape. Wavy ends are a great way to create a more natural blend without that weird step-stair effect.

The Big Job

If you have nice thick hair and want to add a lot of volume and length, but you're starting from a length that doesn't quite reach your shoulders, you're looking at anywhere from forty to sixty pieces of tape to get the job done.

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Avoiding Bad Extensions

When applying tape in hair extensions you need to make sure that...

  • You don't skimp on the tape in extensions, and...
  • The tape in extensions are evenly distributed

Even with the best extensions, you can find, you need to use enough pieces and distribute it evenly for a good look. Best-case scenario, the extensions won't be unsightly, but they will be obvious. Worst-case scenario you wind up with the step-stair look, where your natural hair looks like a wig sitting on top of a longer cut. If you just can't get the results you want at home, that's what hairstylists are for!

DIY or at the salon, trust SDX for affordable tape-in extensions, and we'll get you the look you're after.