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What Are Glue-In Hair Extensions?

What Are Glue-In Hair Extensions?

Glue in hair extensions can be purchased in a wide array of materials, styles, lengths, sizes and colors. Men and women alike use glue in hair extensions. Some men use them to change their appearance if they are balding or if they want a trendy or different style. 

What Are Glue In Hair Extensions?

Glue in hair extensions are a method of extending the length and/or volume of a head of hair. Comprised of both glue and strands of hair, these extensions are applied directly to the root of the hair shaft. If they are properly cared for they can stay in your hair for several months. Some may want to apply the glue in hair extension to an area of their hair that is thinning. A synthetic or natural human hair glue in extension can be applied directly to the scalp.

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What Are These Extensions Used For?

They are used for a variety of reasons. As mentioned, they add volume and length. Some individuals may want to wear a different hairstyle or want to experiment with highlights or color without risking the damage to their own hair. If the hair extension is properly installed, it is not easily detected.
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Tape in Hair Extension vs Glue in Hair Extension: Which is better for you?

The reasons people seek out hair extensions for their do varies on their particular life status, what they’re looking to highlight and enhance, as well as the type of hair the individual actually possesses. Some advantages to using tape in hair extensions are that they can be easily changed, it is not a lengthy process - in the salon or at home. Individuals who prefer the glue in or bonded hair extensions maintain that they prefer that they can stay in for an extended period. However, tape in hair extensions can be applied at home so removal and re-application is much easier.

Tape in hair extensions are the perfect solution if you want all the glamour minus the hot hours in the salon, order yours today and enjoy them tomorrow.