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4 Reasons To Use Tape In Hair Extensions On Your Wedding Day

4 Reasons To Use Tape In Hair Extensions On Your Wedding Day


The day is nearing.  You're getting married and the checklist you thought you'd never complete is nearly done. One of the last things you need to decide is just how to wear your hair. The day of your wedding should show off your crowning glory in it's best light.  

Look no further. Tape in hair extensions are the perfect wedding hairstyle accessory. No matter what style you’re going for these beauties will help you achieve it perfectly. Off to the perfect wedding day with the perfect wedding hairstyle. Here's why:

Increased Volume

tape in hair extensions

No matter what hairstyle you're envisioning, loose, long, curly, down, mid-length, short-bob, low bun or braid - increased volume will give the style more lushness.  We find that long hair gets a little thin at the ends due to the lifecycle of the hair strand, (as you lose a strand a new one pops in).  As a result, hair tends to be thicker closer to the roots.  Not only will tape in hair extensions add the necessary volume you need to achieve many styles it will also assist in securing your veil. 

If you decide to wear tape in hair extensions for your big day, make sure you mention it to your hair stylist as she or he will know what hairstyles they should avoid in order to prolong wear-time and minimize the appearance of you wearing the extensions.

Increased Length

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By the same token if long hair is your choice for your wedding day look,  but yours is short or medium length, you've found the solution. Here is the means to achieve the long tresses you desire.

They Will Make It Far Beyond The Honeymoon

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The fact is that tape in hair extensions are durable. You can have them from 6 to 8 weeks with proper, low-maintenance care. The versatility remains so once you take down your wedding hairdo you can keep on flowing with your gorgeous locks. 

Tape In Hair Extensions Are Temporary And Non-Damaging

tape in hair extensions

You will find success in achieving your perfect wedding hairdo without damaging your hair. They also require minimal maintenance and you get to look gorgeous for your special day. When you’re ready to remove them you will find the process to be simple and damage-free.

Ready to cross one more thing from your list? - order your tape in hair extensions today.