Why Are Tape In Hair Extensions Considered Damage-Free?

Hair extensions are a great way to lengthen your hair and add volume without having to wait for your hair to grow. There are literally hundreds of different types of hair extensions, and taking the time to find one that works for you is a must. Tape in extensions are considered to be damage-free — keep reading to find out why.

tape in hair extensions

Damage-Free Tape In Extensions

Most semi-permanent hair extension methods may cause damage to the hair shaft. However, if you utilize the correct application, care and maintenance your risk of damage is significantly reduced when you use tape in hair extensions. Glue in hair extensions inevitably cause some damage to the hair. In addition, of the different varieties of semi-permanent hair extensions: clip-in's, sew-in weaves, glue in hair extensions, microlink (also known as micro bead or micro loop hair extensions), will often cause some damage to the hair when applied or removed. Tape in hair extendions, on the other hand, are known for causing little to no damage. Before use: do a thorough once over to make sure the hair is healthy enough to support the accessory. After the first removal, it is best to again thoroughly check for damage.

Tape in hair extensions are often used by women who are looking to add some volume to their hair or are looking to add some color to their hair without using damaging hair chemicals. The wefts of hair are applied by sandwiching sections of your own natural hair between 2 pieces of tape. These extensions are more comfortable than other methods and are light to wear, causing little to no hair fall out.

tape in hair extensions

Why Choose Tape In Extensions?

Tape in extensions are damage-free and easy to install as well. These extensions can be installed at home in a very short time, and they can be adjusted and moved around as needed. Since they are not woven into the hair, clamped on to the hair or glued right to the hair, they are not going to cause damage to the hair itself. Tape in extensions are a great option for those who want hair extensions that are easy to install and provide beautiful, long-lasting results.

With proper application, care and maintenance, tape in hair extensions can be completely damage-free. Order some today and see for yourself.

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