Can I Install Tape In Hair Extensions by Myself?

Tape in hair extensions are an excellent option for those who want hair extensions but might not want the expense and potential pain and hair damage that comes with other extension methods. Tape in hair extensions are fairly easy to install, and in a pinch, you can install them yourself.

Tape in hair extensions

Installing Tape In Hair Extensions at Home

We recommend having a professional hair stylist install your tape in hair extensions, however, you can install them at home. For starters, it's much easier to install your tape in hair extensions if you are able to see back of your head fully so that you can properly position the extension before you tape it in. Though tape in hair extensions can be repositioned, doing so makes the bond weaker and can damage the hair by pulling it out if the extension is repeatedly moved around.

For home installation, you will need a couple of mirrors that you do not have to hold, preferably positioned so you can see the back of your head. You will also need your brush, your extensions, and patience.

The primary issue with installing tape when doing extensions at home is, of course, going to be the placement. With tape in hair extensions, you want to get the extension close enough to the root so that it lays properly and looks natural. If the extension is too close to the root, it can pinch and be uncomfortable. However, if the extension is too far away from the root, it will be obvious and have an unnatural appearance.

tape in hair extension

Should I Install My Own Tape In Hair Extensions?

The great thing about tape in hair extensions is that you only need one simple tool to install them. Our SDX Tape In Hair Extensions Clamper Tool was especially designed for tape in hair extensions application. It's ergonomically designed and applies even pressure throughout the tab, making installation a breeze.

While a stylist is always recommended, installing your own tape in hair extensions at home is easy to do. If you have enough patience, a mirror, and our SDX Tape In Hair Extensions Clamper Tool you should be able to apply your tape in extensions yourself. When you're ready to remove your tape in hair extensions, you can remove them at home as well!

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