Top 5 Benefits of Tape-In Extensions

Tape-in extensions are a wonderful addition to any beautification regime whether you're looking for ways to add more volume, color options, or just a bit more complexity or pizzazz to your hair's look-and-feel. While all of us have different reasons for why we love tape-in extensions, here are the top 5 benefits you'll experience.

tape in hair extensions

Cost Variable

The pricing of beautification products is often the first consideration, so you'll love to hear that tape-in hair extensions are the most economical hair extension option. With all the options to choose from, you still want to be sure that you're purchasing a quality product though. With SDX's handcrafted solution, you receive great value for a high-quality product that's designed by industry experts.

tape in hair extensions

Ease of Use & Care

The ease of use and care means that the cost for maintenance is lower than other hair extension options, but that's also why SDX's hair-extensions stand out. The hair is perfect for everyday use, but it's also a high-quality, natural product without synthetics or blends. You can even wash your hair with some extra care and consideration.

tape in hair extensions

Easy to Add & Remove (Reusable)

Tape-in extensions are easy to put in, so the cost of application is also lower. The ease of application and removal also means that you can more easily switch them out or alternate the hair extensions to achieve different styles.

tape in hair extensions

Comfortable & Less Damaging

You've probably already noticed that the tape-in extensions are thinner and lighter. They are also easier to apply and remove than other hair extension options, so they don't cause the same level of pull, hair loss, or follicle damage as the more-heavy and damaging clip-in extensions. These tape-in hair extensions also offer a color-enhancing solution without the chemicals.

tape in hair extensions

Virtually Invisible & Flexible

The tape-in extensions are designed to just meld in with your natural hair. The SDX tape-in hair extensions seamlessly and reliably support a level of lift and volume when you need it the most.

tape in hair extensions

Discover a Whole New Wave of Possibilities...

SDX just makes it easier to find tape-in hair extensions that are both high-quality and low price. That's a combo that you just can't find just anywhere. Take a look at what the extensions can do for you... and then join the revolution.

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