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Color Matching Tape in Hair Extensions

Color Matching Tape in Hair Extensions

Extensions provide a great way to have the amazing head of hair you've always wanted. If using the right extensions, it's almost impossible to tell them apart from natural hair. However, proper color matching is essential if you don't want your tape in hair extensions to be obvious to casual observers. Here's what you need to know about choosing the right shade for your extensions.

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Match the Extensions to the End of Your Hair 

Most people automatically try to match the extensions to the hair near the top of their heads, but this can result in an uneven, unnatural look. Matching the extensions to the ends of your hair instead provides the visual flow of natural hair rather than looking choppy. 

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Be Ready to Customize

Monochromatic extensions look extremely unnatural — after all, not every hair on your head is the same color, so your tape in hair extensions shouldn't be either. The top layers of your hair, for instance, contain more natural highlights than the bottom layers, and the ends of the hair are generally a shade or two lighter than the roots.

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Consider Different Lighting Settings

It's also important to see how prospective extensions look in different lighting settings — what looks perfectly gorgeous in average indoor lighting, for instance, may end up looking absolutely ghastly under natural lighting. 

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Color Your Hair to Match the Extensions

There are times when you may need to color your hair to blend in with the extensions for a completely seamless look. This doesn't necessarily need to be an entire color job — the right highlights can do a great job of pulling everything together. 

We've got a handy quiz that can help you find how many pieces you might need. Please feel free to contact us if you're like more information on making sure your tape in hair extensions look as fabulous as possible