How Chlorine Effects Tape In Extensions

While we are coming to the end of summer, there is still plenty of time to cool off in the pool. Having tape in hair extensions doesn't mean you have to avoid swimming, though. To maintain those beautiful bought locks, you do have to follow some guidelines. Let's talk further about how chlorine effects tape in extensions.

tape in hair extensions

Chlorine Versus Tape-In Extensions

In general, chlorine is never really a wanted addition to any hair type, whether they are real or add-ins. For any type of added hair, though, you need to be extra careful of how much comes in contact with them. The chlorine levels are important. For example, if you go to the pool and notice a stronger than the normal aroma, it could be they just cleaned the pool and replaced it with new chlorine. In this case, you may want to work on your tan before jumping right in because the fresh treatment could damage your tape in hair extensions.

tape in hair extensions

The After Swimming Care To Avoid Damage

Regular chlorine levels in the pool can still cause damage if you are not careful with your hair care regimen after you finish swimming. The most important part is removing the remaining chlorine. As you exit the pool, take a towel and begin to squeeze it dry. This will start the process of removing the chlorine. Then, you need to shampoo. The type you use should not be anything that could potentially dry your hair out, so make sure you are using something that has a lot of moisturizers. Wash as you normally would and then condition. You can let it absorb into your hair for at least 3-5 minutes. Then rinse and air dry, taking the time to ensure underneath the hair extensions are dry.

Before you style your tape in hair extensions, use a small amount of coconut or argan oil to your hair (avoiding the tab area completely). It will prevent dryness and help in aiding your tape in hair extensions in lasting longer.


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