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Pros and Cons of Tape in Hair Extensions

Pros and Cons of Tape in Hair Extensions

Many have heard that Tape in Hair Extensions are the beauty industries leading form of no-damage hair extensions and are flocking to purchase these tape in hair extensions by the thousands!   

So what makes tape in hair extensions so great?   

"Pros" of Wearing       Tape In Hair Extensions 

"Cons" of Wearing    Tape in Hair Extensions

No Damage No High Ponytails
Extraordinary Comfort
Instant Length
Instant Thickness
Instant Volume
Quick Installation
Reasonably Priced


As you can see, there really are many more Pros to wearing tape in hair extensions then cons when considering becoming a hair extension wearer. Tape in Hair Extensions have become an industry standard for those looking to wear permanent and semi-permanent extensions. 

Tape in hair extensions are easy to install offer instant gratfiication and generally take less time to install and maintain then other forms of hair extensions.

Why Can't I Wear High Ponytails With Tape In Extensions?

Simply put, high ponytails are never a good idea with any kind of hair extensions.  Keep in mind hair extensions are an extension of your natural hair and are not your natural hair.  When hair extensions are attached/installed on your natural hair they add additional weight and stress on your natural hair.  Moving the extension in any manner away from the natural growth pattern can cause breakage and damage.  High ponytails are unfortumately not conducive with the natural growth patter of hair - no matter how cute they are!