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Are Tape in Hair Extensions Damaging?

Are Tape in Hair Extensions Damaging?

If you've ever thought about getting tape in hair extensions, you've probably also wondered if they will damage your natural hair.  The short answer is "No" - tape in hair extensions will not damage your hair.  

Tape in Hair Extensions are the Beauty Industry's leading form of No-Damage Extension Wear!

Tape in hair extensions claim to fame is that they are not damaging to your natural hair....but why?  Tape in hair extensions, unlike any other form of extensions, tape in hair extensions are installed utilizing the natural fall pattern of your natural hair.  Using this approach, none of the hair is over-directed at the install site so there is no over-directed stress on the natural hair at the installation site.


My Friend Has Tape In Hair Extensions and They Damaged Her Hair! - She Did Something Wrong for Sure....

With proper care and maintenancetape in hair extensions will not damage, break or pull out your hair.  However, not every wearer follows proper maintenance guidelines.  Here are some quick tips about what NOT to do with your tape in hair extensions:

  • No high ponytails
  • No heat applied to the tape in hair extensions tape tab
  • No conditioner applied to the tape in hair extensions tape tab
  • No over-directing the tape in hair extensions tape tab
  • No excessive pulling or tugging

Sound like a lot of "No's"?  Take into consideration that tape in hair extensions are an extension of your natural hair and is not your natural hair.  If you want your natural hair to thrive while wearing tape in hair extensions, then you must follow the guidelines strictly.  All hair extensions require a degree of care and maintenance, but the major upside to wearing tape in hair extensions is that they are applied from the start in a non-damaging manner vs. all of the other hair extensions that installation sites have already compromised the integrity of your natural hair.  Keep in mind every hair extensions comes with proper care instructions, that include the above listed for tape in hair extensions.


So What's Bottom Line?

Take care of your tape in hair extensions and you'll have ZERO problems.