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[How To:] Blending Tape In Hair Extensions

[How To:] Blending Tape In Hair Extensions

Now that you have cleaned, prepared, sectioned and installed your tape in hair extensions you are probably wondering how to blend them so that they blend seamlessly with your natural hair.  Here are a few pointers on how to blend your new tape in hair extensions in with your natural hair:

Reminders Before Blending Tape In Hair Extensions:

Your quickest and most seamless approach for blending in your tape in hair extensions is to seek the advice from a salon professional.  Since spending time and money in the salon is not always a top priority - (and if that is the case for you) - here are a few tips to help get you through.

  • Be reasonable with your expectations of what your final look should be on a DIY basis.  
  • Take into consideration what you are blending.... if your natural hair is really short, you may want to hold off until you can find time to see a professional
  • Always remember that hair extension are an extension of your natural hair and are not natural hair.  For a seamless look, you will always need a professional blend and proper daily style to achieve that perfect look.

DIY Blending Tape In Hair Extensions:

Blending tape in hair extensions should be done at your own risk.  Seeking advice from a salon professional is recommended.


  • Comb all of the hair (natural and tape in hair extension hair) straight down from where is grows out the head naturally and visually look for area of bulk where the natural hair is heavier over the extension hair.
  • Pick up that section for visual inspection
  • Using texturing shears in an upward motion, slowly slice the hair up and outwards taking natural and tape in hair extension hair together. 
  • Lay the pieces back down and comb down smoothly
  • Visually inspect your work to determine if another pass is needed to achieve the desired blend.
  • Repeat in each section as needed
  • Check underlying sections for blending as needed so each layer of tape in hair extensions lays smoothly over the next.