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How Are Tape in Hair Extensions Removed?

How Are Tape in Hair Extensions Removed?

You've been loving your new tape in hair extensions but its time to have them removed (and probably replaced).  Here are a few helpful tips to get you ready for removal and re-installation.

When Should I Remove My Tape in Hair Extensions?

Tape in hair extensions need to be removed from the natural hair approximately every 8 weeks.  This time frame helps keep the wearer on a good care and maintenance schedule and minimizes damage.  

However, if you experience any discomfort while wearing your tape in hair extensions, you should seek help from a salon professional or have it gently removed and replaced immediately to ensure there is no damage to the natural hair.

How Do I Remove My Tape in Hair Extensions?

The best way to remove your tape in hair extensions is to see a salon professional.  Although the service does have a price tag attached, salon professionals are licensed in properly caring for your hair and typically have access to higher quality products that allow them to work on your hair damage free.

There are many different methods of removing tape in hair extensions, the most popular being an alcohol-based liquid spray that dissolves the tackiness of the tape for slippage and removal.