Caring for Your Tape In Hair Extensions When You Work Out

Tape in hair extensions likely helped give you confidence and a sense that your hair looks healthy and beautiful. Do you feel that you need to protect your tape in hair extensions by avoiding working out, or going to the gym? That is just a myth.

tape in hair extensions

There are steps for caring for your tape in hair extensions while you work out that helps you protect them, with just a little adjustment. You still maintain the same versatility that you enjoyed from the first day that you received your tape in hair extensions. Your tape in hair extensions survives through moisture, including when you work up a sweat at the gym or fitness club or work out at home. 


Gently brush and style your hair before working out. You potentially need to adjust the type of hairstyle that you wear during your workout. Do not pull your hair up in a high ponytail. Bind the tape in hair extension in a low, and loose ponytail. 

tape in hair extensions

Wear your hair in a low bun if you prefer not to style your hair in the low ponytail. Make sure the bun stays loose, like with the low ponytail.


Styling your tape in hair extensions in a loosely styled braid also offers the protection you need when working out. Secure the end of the braid with a metal-free hair elastic.

tape in hair extensions

Do you normally wear your hair down? Feel free to wear your hair down when working out, whether working out at the gym, jogging along the beach, or working out with friends. Do not pull or yank on your hair when styling before your workout, or when taking down your workout hairstyle.


Wash your hair after your workout. Remember to use a mild shampoo, and keep your conditioner from getting too close to the tapes. Avoid washing your hair in very hot water after working out.
Follow these tips so that your tape in hair extensions retains their shine, and stay strong and healthy, even after an intense workout. 

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