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Will Removing Tape in Hair Extensions Damage My Hair?

Will Removing Tape in Hair Extensions Damage My Hair?

If you're worried about removing your tape in hair extensions, don't be! The time will come when you need to remove tape in hair extensions, and the process is quick, simple and when done properly, damage-free.

When Should I Remove My Tape In Hair Extensions?

If it has been more then 8 weeks, its time to remove your tape in hair extensions.  Generally, tape in hair extensions are worn for 8 weeks, with some wearers wanting to remove and replace in as little as 4-6.  This depends on the comfort level and rate of hair growth that is particular to each person.

How Are Tape in Hair Extensions Removed?

Usually, tape in hair extensions are removed using an alcohol-based liquid spray solution applied at the top of the tape in hair extensions tape tab allowing time for the solution to seep in between the tape in hair extensions tape tab before it is gently peeled apart.  Additional solution is used while peeling apart the two tape in hair extensions tape tab pieces until there is no resistance and the tape in hair extensions tape tab slides off the natural hair.

Does My Natural Hair Come out When the Tape In Hair Extensions are Being Removed?

While wearing tape in hair extensions, a thin slice of your natural hair is sandwiched in between the two tape in hair extensions tape tabs.  Usually, when you brush or wash your natural hair, you will see if collect in your hairbrush, on the bathroom floor or in the drain of your tub.  Less shedding of your natural hair is visibly lost while wearing your tape in hair extensions due to the fact that your natural hair is stuck to the tape itself.  Therefore, when you do perform the removal service of your tape in hair extensions, you may, in fact, see some of your natural hair still stuck to the tape.  Usually, this is natural shedding you would normally see in your brush, bathroom floor or shower drain.

What's the Bottom Line?  When cared for and maintained properly, you will not experience any damage to your natural hair while wearing or removing your tape in hair extensions.