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Hair Extensions for Short Hair

Hair Extensions for Short Hair

Some women just look great with a short haircut. Whether it’s a bob, an a-line style, a crop, or something wild like a “faux-hawk,” short hair can be stylish, sassy, and sexy.

Rocking a short hairstyle can be a sign of confidence, but sometimes you just don’t have the energy to shout out a statement to the world. Or maybe you want to change things up. Why should the long-haired women be the only ones with options?

The good news is they aren’t: You can have all the sassiness and simplicity of a short haircut when you want it, but have the option to go with braids or a special occasion style. Hair extensions are the solution.

You pretty much can’t look at celebrity hairstyles without seeing hair extensions, but they aren't just for famous people anymore. 

Check out our tips on how to wear hair extensions for short hair.


How to Wear Hair Extensions for Short Hair

  • Go Longer!

If you’re looking for a dramatic change, you can easily go from super short to shoulder-length with long extensions. Tape in hair extensions get replaced every 6-8 weeks so the commitment is short, just like your natural hair 😉

  • Just a Little Fullness

You may like your length but are looking for some fullness that doesn’t come out of an aerosol can or from a teasing comb. Pump up the volume with some extensions that make you look like you woke up that way.

  • Changing Up My Color

Get an ombre, add highlights, try a pop of fancy color (my favorite is turquoise), and ditch chemically treating your hair.


Are Hair Extensions for my Short Hair Right for Me?

Are you concerned that hair extensions may not be right for your short hair?  Check out this post on why someone may want hair extensions for short hair, along with some photos!