Protecting Your Tape-in Hair Extensions in Cold Weather Climates

Cold weather along with indoor winter heat can make for dried out natural hair and extensions as well. It is imperative for the life of your tape-in hair extensions to perform preventative care to protect and keep them looking beautiful. 

tape in hair extensions

Freezing temps can wreak havoc on your tape-in hair extensions. If you are expecting to be in temperatures below 32 degrees, wear a loose cap or scarf to cover your hair, preferably something made of a silk or satin material. Do not leave the house with wet hair as the cold can cause it to break. 

tape in hair extensions

Keep the heater inside as low as possible to avoid extreme temperatures that can damage hair extensions. Refrain from using heated appliances on hair such as blow dryers or straighteners on high. If you need to use a hot tool, make sure you set it on low. 

tape in hair extensions

Choose hair products that do not contain sulfates. Sulfates can cause excessive dryness as they remove the oil from hair which extensions cannot replace. After a thorough washing, using hot oil treatments and moisturizing conditioners can help to replace lost moisture. Make sure you use professional-grade products and only apply to the ends of the extensions, never close to the bond area. When washing and conditioning, use a pull-through method rather than a lathering one to cut down on tangling. After treatment, use a natural boar brush and follow through with brushing at least twice a day. 

Wearing high quality tape-in hair extensions during winter has several advantages since you don’t have to wash or remove them on a daily basis. If you are looking for the best lightweight natural looking extensions for this winter check out our options and learn more about caring for tape-in hair extensions.

The gentler you care for your extensions, the longer they will last.

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