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Benefits of Tape-In Hair Extensions for Thinning Hair

Benefits of Tape-In Hair Extensions for Thinning Hair

Millions of women suffer from thinning hair. There are dozens of reasons women start to lose volume in their hair including menopause, childbirth, poor nutrition, and underlying health conditions. Certain medical treatments are available to stop hair loss, but costs are high and success is never guaranteed. To add more body to your thinning hair, you can rely on safe and effective tape-in hair extensions.

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Why Tape-In Hair Extensions?

Hair extensions were typically not recommended to women who had thinning hair. The problem with traditional hair extensions is that when the hair was braided in, a lot of strain was put on the scalp—preventing healthy hair growth. In comparison, tape-in hair extensions are safe for those with thinning hair. Since they are not weaved into your natural hair, the extensions aren’t creating tightness at the base. Instead, tape-in hair extensions are placed between thin strips of natural hair and will grow out with your real hair. Tape-in hair extensions also cause the least amount of damage to your hair.

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Benefits of Tape-In Hair Extensions for Thinning Hair

Tape-in hair extensions create a fuller look for those suffering from hair loss. As long as you choose extensions made from real human hair, then the extra volume will look completely natural. You may decide to start out using only a few extensions to add a little extra fullness before increasing the length and volume to your choosing. You could also change styles frequently when you have the tape-in hair extensions since they are very low-cost and easy to install. Unlike most types of extensions that take hours to apply, tape-in hair extensions are ready to go in under an hour. Another benefit is that tape-in hair extensions are reusable and can be put back in again and again throughout the year.

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