Best Fall Tape-In Hair Extension Styles

Tape-in hair extensions are versatile and offer a fun and affordable way to change your style. Once summer ends, it is natural to want a different hairstyle. Instead of beach waves, you may desire a hairstyle that is more sleek and subtle. When you choose SDX tape-in hair extensions, you are able to easily change the cut and style since they are made from 100% real Remy hair. The following are the best extension styles to give a try this coming fall.

tape in hair extensions


Fall ponytails lack the messiness of summer styles. Instead of side-swept loose ponytails, a more popular style is a low, sleek ponytail. Hair is smoothed back with hair serum or shine spray to create the slick look. Side or middle parts work with low ponytails with the hair secured using an invisible or embellished hair tie.

tape in hair extensions

Simple Braids

A classic fall hairstyle is to wear your extensions long and straight. Very long hair isn’t bothersome in the fall because you won’t feel overheated by leaving the hair down. To give your straight styles a little something extra, add in a small French braid over your ear.

tape in hair extensions

Old Hollywood Curls

Get glamorous for any holiday events by curing your tape-in hair extensions. Use curling irons with barrels that measure at least 1-½ inches. Remember to use your curling iron on low heat setting to avoid damaging your hair and the extensions. Use mousse on your natural hair and the extensions before curling and then set with a lightweight hairspray after styling.

tape in hair extensions

Experiment With Color

Have fun with the color of your hair extensions. Popular shades for the fall seasons are vibrant hues such as cherry, dark blue, and deep purple. Put in a few sections of the bright colored extensions to add dramatic highlights for the season.

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