Long Beautiful Hair is Possible with Tape-in Hair Extensions

Long hair has been admired throughout history. Women everywhere have wanted to have long, beautiful hair. Fortunately, with tape-in hair extensions, long, voluminous hair is possible for just about anyone! Tape-in hair extensions are affordable and can be worn for as little as one day or up to 8 weeks at a time. 

tape in hair extensions

The Flexibility of Styles with Attractive Colors

Tape-in Hair extensions have opened up an entirely new world for anyone who loves to change up their hairstyles. You can add some highlights, make your hair look like it is colored "Ombré", or add a pop of vibrant color. You can even mix and match colors to find the perfect look. On the other hand, if you're wondering how many pieces you'll need to install, take our quiz.

tape in hair extensions

SDX Hair for High-Quality Tape-in Hair Extensions

SDX Hair has high-quality Remy hair extensions. Our tape-in hair extensions are made of high-quality hair and our tape is specially formulated to last up to 8 weeks. Our special tool, the tape-in hair extension clamper, can help you or your stylist properly apply your extensions for maximum wear. 

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