What is Remy Hair? An Overview

When it comes to hairstyles and hair extensions, there are lots of options to choose from. Some people might have heard of something called Remy hair but might not be sure exactly what this is. For those who might not know, Remy hair is one of the highest quality tape-in hair extensions on the market today. Remy hair is also human hair, not synthetic. As a result, there are several advantages of Remy hair that everyone should keep in mind.

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The Advantages of Remy Hair

Any hair that has been deemed "Remy" has been taken directly from the donor in a safe manner. In Remy hair, the cuticle has been kept pointed in the same direction as the other hairs that border that hair. Because the cuticles are kept pointed in the same direction as the surrounding hairs, Remy hair has a natural flow to it. This also means that Remy hair remains silky, smooth, and soft. Furthermore, Remy hair is also easier to take care of because it does not tangle or lead to knots easily.

While there are other methods of harvesting hair that simply shear it from the head and toss it into a bag, this leads to poor quality and flow because the cuticles of the hair do not line up properly. Furthermore, because the cuticles are not aligned, these other methods will lead to tangling, knots, and poor quality. Remy hair does not do this and, therefore, is typically used in the highest-quality hair extensions.

tape in hair extensions

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