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Tips to Improve Your Style with Tape-In Hair Extensions

Tips to Improve Your Style with Tape-In Hair Extensions

Many people have already fallen in love with the versatility and durability of tape-in hair extensions. These inexpensive options provide a fantastic alternative to those who might have experience with clipping or sewing in hair extensions in the past. With the rapid rise in popularity of tape-in hair extensions, there are lots of ways that people can put these extensions to use for them. Take a look at a few of the tips for styling tape-in hair extensions below!

tape in hair extensions

Put the Backcomb to Use

When it comes to tape-in hair extensions, it is important to put the backcomb to use. Backcombing is a great way to further increase the voluminous look provided by tape-in hair extensions. When doing this, take a look at the top layers of the hair. Ensure that these are smooth. This will prevent the voluminous style of the tape-in hair extensions from looking frizzy. The most important thing to remember when doing the backcomb is to only comb the natural hair, not the extensions. Combing your tape in hair extensions will cause the tape to loosen and the extensions to come off.

Tape in Hair Extensions

Think About the Brush

It is critical to use the right brush when taking care of tape-in hair extensions. For general brushing purposes, make sure to use a natural boar bristle brush. It will decrease any frizz while also keeping the hair smooth.

tape in hair extensions

Use Hot Tools on Low

Finally, whenever someone is trying to style their tape-in hair extensions, make sure to use your hot tools on low. Using them on high can cause damage to both the extensions and your natural hair. 

tape in hair extensions

Use High-Quality Products

Ultimately, when it comes to tape-in hair extensions, it is important to invest in high-quality products. To learn more about tape-in hair extensions, visit today and take a look at some great ideas and styles!