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The Pros And Cons of Tape In Hair Extensions

The Pros And Cons of Tape In Hair Extensions

It’s hard to believe that you haven’t tried hair extensions yet!  Are you curious about how you can have the long luxurious hair you've always longed for? You’re not alone - a lot of women have wondered how it would be to have long hair  The answer to your dreams is hair extensions. Currently, they are gaining a lot of attention. It’s easy to be confused about which method you should use - glue-in, clip-in, or tape-in hair extensions.

Which method's best? Tape in hair extensions - hands down!  Of all the methods out there today it is the one that is the most desired by women and men everywhere.

tape in hair extensions

The Pros:  

Easy Installation

If you have 30 to 60 minutes to spare, you have enough time to install tape in hair extensions. Once they are in you can have them for up to 12 weeks of beauty and style. Some other methods require much longer install time.

Minimal Damage

Don’t worry about your hair being stressed with these types of extensions. Their your best method by far. Since they don’t weigh much you will experience minimal damage to your hair and scalp.

Undetectable Natural Blending

Tape in hair extensions are secured with flat tape and made with natural hair. People will not notice they are not your own hair. 

Various Styles To Choose From 

Once installed, you can try any hairstyle you’ve been waiting to try.  You'll stand out in any crowd. 

tape in hair extensions


Two-Day Rule

No shampooing or oily hair product use for the first 48 hours after install. The tape needs time to properly bond, so be gentle.

Not The Least Expensive Option

The quality of these tape in hair extensions come with a price. You get your money's worth. With proper care and maintenance, you can use them for as long as you are able to properly care and maintain them.

You’re all set. Though you can apply these yourself, feel free to speak with a professional first. Visit our site to learn more about your new adventure in hair.