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How Do You Wash Tape In Hair Extensions?

If you're thinking about wearing tape in hair extensions, or you are getting ready to wash your tape in hair extensions for the first time, follow these simple tips for a successful care routine.

How to Wash Your Tape in Hair Extensions:

  1. Brush through your tape in hair extensions using a natural boar bristle brush to gently release the hair for a natural flow.
  2. Rinse your tape in hair extensions with warm water to thoroughly saturate the tape in hair extensions.
  3. Apply an ample amount of shampoo to the top of your hair first that does not include tape in hair extensions, and shampoo until clean.
  4. Apply shampoo to the scalp area between your tape in hair extensions using an interlocking motion with your fingertips rubbing (not scratching) your scalp area.  
  5. Repeat step 4 as needed to ensure you have successfully cleaned your scalp and the tape in hair extensions tab closest to the scalp area.
  6. Apply an ample amount of the shampoo to the tape in hair extensions midshafts and end.  Smooth the shampoo in a downward motion to the ends of the tape in hair extensions, but do not rub them together to avoid tangling with your natural hair.
  7. Rinse your tape in hair extensions thoroughly with moderate water pressure to ensure they are cleared of shampoo residue.

How to Condition Your Tape In Hair Extensions:

  1. Apply conditioner to the top of your head and scalp area avoiding the tape in hair extensions tape tab.  You can pull the conditioner through the ends of your natural hair on this top layer.
  3. Apply a generous amount of conditioner to the midshafts and end of your tape in hair extensions and allow to set for a few moments.
  4. Pull the conditioner gently through your tape in hair extensions in a downward motion. Do not rub the tape in hair extensions together in with your natural hair to avoid tangling.
  5. Rinse your tape in hair extensions thoroughly to ensure there is no residual conditioner left in the hair or around the tape in hair extensions tape tab.

After leaving the shower, make sure to keep your tape in hair extensions tabs hanging in the same manner in which they were installed.  For example, DO NOT WRAP YOUR TAPE IN HAIR EXTENSIONS IN A TOWEL UP ON TOP OF YOUR HEAD.

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