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Why Do Some Hair Extensions Cost More Than Others?

Why Do Some Hair Extensions Cost More Than Others?

The world of hair extensions can be somewhat confusing.  Especially when considering the wide range and change in cost.  Here are a few examples of why some hair extensions cost more than others:

Why Do Hair Extensions Cost So Much?

  • The majority of the work involved with making hair extensions is mainly done by hand.
  • Long length hair typically costs more because of the smaller amount of raw material available for use (i.e. there are a lesser amount of people with long hair rather than should length or above).
  • Lighter colors go through a substantially time consuming process to achieve the color.
  • Double drawn hair extensions (thicker from top to bottom) require additional work to short out shorter pieces.

Why Do Salons Charge So Much For Hair Extensions?

In Addition to the reasons bulleted above as to why hair extensions cost so much, there are other factors involved as to why salons charge so much for hair extensions - here are some main reasons why:

  • Salons may have to purchase hair on a client by client basis and upcharge on the cost of the hair to the consumer for ordering and shipping.
  • The vast majority of salon professional attended certification or other training courses to install, blend and style hair extensions.  
  • The method for installation (i-tips, Tape in, Weft, or Keratin) all requires a different amount of time and training.
  • Salon location plays a factor in price to maintain competitiveness with other surrounding salons and play to the economic status of its quests.