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Why Do Hair Extensions Cost So Much?

Why Do Hair Extensions Cost So Much?

If you have ever thought about wearing hair extensions, you may also have been immediately shocked hearing the prices some consumers pay for hair extensions.....

Why Are Hair Extensions So Expensive?

Plain and simple no matter where you buy them, hair extensions are hand made.  There is no machine process as of yet that can automatically create hair extensions.  The majority of the work is performed by hand and takes many hours to complete.  The only way machines are used are for perming the hair, drying out the hair, and in some cases, sewing the bond on wefts - everything else is done by hand.

Why Do Some Hair Extensions Cost More Than Others?

Usually, the quality of the hair (meaning how thick or thin or whether the hair is blended with synthetic fibers) determines the cost.  However, it is also common to have poor quality hair in longer lengths just as expensive as shorter hair that is twice as thick.  Price is not only determined by how the raw material is sourced but also by the demand from the consumer.  Quite simply put, if there is a large demand from the consumer for 26-inch hair, then the manufacturers can place a higher cost to the consumer as materials are hard to come by.

Another reason you may see the price go up is that the hair is all made with Remy human hair as opposed to others made with non-remy hair.

How Can I get Hair Extensions for Cheap?

A great way to save on cost is to buy the hair yourself and bring it to a salon professional for installation.  Usually, salons will upcharge of the cost of the hair in addition to their installation services as a fee for retreiving the hair prior to the appointment.


Another great way to save on cost is to have a salon install hair they already have in stock.  This usually means that the salon is well stocked in hair, instead of having to buy it client by client and pay surcharges associated with small orders.