How Often Should I Wash My Hair Extensions?

If you are new to wearing hair extensions or you just need a quick reminder, here's the inside scoop on how often you should be washing your hair extensions:

How Often Should I Wash My Hair Extensions?

Specifically, with tape in hair extensions, it is generally recommended to wait two days before washing your extensions for the first time to allow the bond between the tape to adhere properly and completely to the natural hair shaft.  Most other forms of hair extension can be washed immediately following the application although many wears choose to wait several days and enjoy the style from the first time install.

Can I Wash My Hair Extensions Every day?

Some wearers find that due to daily work out routines or excess buildup of oil at the root of their natural hair sends them to the shower every day.  So the question arises, "Can I wash my hair extensions every day?"  Of course, you can! Most wearers avoid washing their hair extensions every day simply due to the time it takes surrounding the styling the extra bit of hair and properly styling it to blend together - but it is definitely safe to wash your hair extensions every day.  Keep in mind that you should adhere to a proper care and maintenance routine.


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