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Where Can I Buy Tape In Hair Extensions?

Where Can I Buy Tape In Hair Extensions?

Tape in hair extensions have long been thought of as a Salon Service....

Normally, you would call, click or DM to make a consultation with your salon professional.  Arrive at your appointment for a color matching service to make sure you order (yes order) the right color tape in hair extensions.  After that a second appointment is made for the installation and more then likely a deposit is collected for the cost of the hair......?!?!?! 

Or Your Could Just Order Your Tape In Hair Extensions Online - and Skip all the Hassle....

Many savvy internet folk have found a solution to the salon game by purchasing their tape in hair extensions themselves online and making one appointment for installation with their salon professional.

What is the Benefit of Ordering Tape in Hair Extensions Online?

  • No wait for the stylist or salon to order the hair for you and wait for shipment
  • You get to choose the color and length as you please
  • Typically get lower prices then when purchased with the salon markup
  • Freedom to choose who installs the hair extensions at the salon of your choice
  • Choose the amount of hair your feel is a good fit for the volume you want
  • You can split up the cost of the service by purchasing the hair and then paying for the installation at a later date