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What's the difference between tape in hair extensions and micro beads?

What's the difference between tape in hair extensions and micro beads?

Hair extensions can entirely change the look of your hair as well as fullness and length. Choosing the right hair extension type can make a big difference in your overall happiness with your extensions. Micro-bead extensions and tape in extensions are both popular styles, but what makes them different?

Tape in extensions

What are Micro-bead Hair Extensions?

Micro-bead extensions are attached to your own natural hair with the help of a tiny bead that is lined with silicone. This bead is open when it is placed around the hair then tightened to hold the extension in place. This method does not use any glue or bonding and is a popular type of hair extension.

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What are Tape in Hair Extensions?

Tape in extensions are secured to sections of hair with the help of tape. The hair is sectioned off and then sandwiched between two pieces of tape. Tape in hair extension are known to not damage the hair and can be applied in a salon or at home. SDX sells high-quality tape in hair extensions that will last for eight weeks on long (when properly applied and take care of). Our tape in hair extensions are genuine Remi hair, unlike the tape in hair extensions sold by other websites.

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How Long do Extensions They Last?

Micro-bead extensions they can last up to three or four months before the bead needs to be adjusted and moved back up closer to the scalp. Micro-bead extensions need to be well taken care of so that they remain smooth. It’s also essential that you are careful when brushing your hair, so you don’t rip off your extensions and your hair in the process.

Tape in extensions last less time, allowing you to change your hairstyle and/or hair color more often. If well taken care of, tape in hair extensions can last eight weeks or more before needing to be replaced or removed and reapplied. The longevity of these extensions has more to do with the tape itself and how long it will hold more than anything else. If you take care of these extensions, they will last a fair amount of time. Tape in extensions are easy to remove and reapply in a salon or in your own home. They are also known to not rip off your hair, which makes them the best type of hair extensions.

With any hair extension, it is essential to note that a high-quality extension is going to last longer than a lower quality product. Also, application makes a difference in how your extensions look, how they perform, and how long they will stay.