Violet Tape in Hair Extensions

Who wouldn't want Violet Tape in Hair Extensions?  Maybe Purple? Lavender, Lilac or a combination?

"Taro and Smoked Velvet are the coolest colors for spring..." says Allure Magazine.  Variations of the root color purple have always been a staple in the beauty industry.

Most people find it hard to commit to colors like these in their natural hair because of the high costs involved in the salon process of bleaching and toning hair - all while knowing these colors are not permanent.

More and more consumers flock to salons for different variations of purples and violet tape in hair extensions for several reasons:

  • No chemical damage
  • Less color maintenance
  • No color fading
  • No commitment to change color
  • Affordability over chemical coloring services

Next time you think about adding hues of violet to your hair, think about adding violet tape in hair extensions instead.

Looking for way to care for and maintain your tape in hair extensions? Check our our expert tips and suggestions on our care blog or care page.

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