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Silver Tape in Hair Extensions

Silver Tape in Hair Extensions

Silver Tape in hair extensions, also know as grey tape in hair extensions (gray tape in hair extensions) are a highly sought after 2018 hair trend.

Allure magazine says in 2018 Gray hair is set to be the most popular hair color.  But how do you get the trendy grey hair look when you're too young to have naturally grey hair?

Many consumers take to the salon asking professionals to bleach out and tone in that perfect "Grandma Grey" color.  Other's avoid the chemicals altogether and steer straight towards silver tape in hair extensions. 

Why Bleach and Tone to Silver?

Ever wondered what it takes to "go grey".  Here are the hard facts.  Unless you are naturally a level 11 pale yellow you'll need to bleach your hair up to a level 11 pale yellow blonde just to get started:

Most consumers fall within level 4-6 naturally.  The process of bleaching up to that level can be long, and extremely stressful and damaging to your natural hair (as well as painful at times - Ouch, bleach hurts the scalp!)

More and more consumers are skipping the damaging chemical process of bleaching to attain their silver hair goals and jumping on board with Silver Tape in hair extensions.

  • No harsh chemicals
  • No long salon appointments
  • No damaged hair
  • No commitment to change

When the Silver hair trend is over and its time for a change, simply remove your tape in hair extensions and try something new!

Make sure you are always properly maintaining your tape in hair extensions.  If you need a little help on proper maintenance suggestions, check our care page here.