Turquoise Tape in Hair Extensions

Turquoise Tape in Hair Extensions:

Most turquoise and teal hair goals are courtesy of Kylie Jenner and her ultra-famous turquoise hair craze!  

What does it take to get that color?  Wigs? Extensions? Chemical coloring?

Turquoise hair color can be achieved in many ways, but most commonly consumers are approaching this trend is with a more cost-effective, and-little-to-no commitment option of turquoise tape in hair extensions.

Turquoise tape in hair extensions can be used as an all-over color, ombre, or in a blend such as mermaid or unicorn colors see below:

Turquoise tape in hair extensions can be removed as quickly and easily and they are installed.  Giving freedom to consumers who like the turquoise hair trend one day and are looking for a change the next!  Have all the hair fun you want without the damage!

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