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Did Your DIY Tape-In Hair Extensions Fall Out? Here's Why:

Did Your DIY Tape-In Hair Extensions Fall Out? Here's Why:

A lot of people have a negative perception of tape-in hair extensions because they've had them fall out. But here's the thing. When properly placed and well taken care of, tape-in hair extensions can last up to 8 weeks. It's really a matter of DIY vs professional styling and the quality of the extensions that you purchase. 

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DIY Tape-In Hair Extensions Don't Always Use the Right Tape

If you're using cheaper extensions, it's likely that the tape itself isn't up to snuff. Cheap DIY tape-in extensions tend to use cheaper glue, too, which can give out within just a few days. High-quality tape-in extensions will last much longer, sometimes lasting months without needing to be redone. 

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Tape-In Hair Extensions Need to be Properly Placed

Whether professional or DIY, placing a tape-in extension is both an art and a skill. If they aren't placed just right, they are going to slip and fall. When professionally placed, tape-in extensions can last months. You can watch our YouTube videos to try to place them right, a lot of experience is needed to do it right consistently! We also have various blog posts explaining how you can apply the tape-in hair extensions yourself.

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DIY and Professional Extensions Need the Right Care

Of course, it could also be that you placed your extensions in perfectly, but there's a care issue. Whether DIY or professional, you need to care for your extensions properly.

Your hair should be gently brushed out at the end of every day with a natural boar brush. Also, avoid styles that may cause the tape tab to be pulled in the wrong direction.


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Tape-In Extensions Can Be Sensitive to Some Products

Some products, such as alcohol-based hairsprays, can dissolve the glue and make it harder for the extensions to stick. Avoid applying oil-based products directly to the tape section as it will cause the tape to lose its stickiness. 

Professional extensions last longer and look better. A high-quality extension that's placed properly will be looking great for months, while lower quality extensions could slip out or damage your hair. And if you don't want to fight with your tape-ins, you can always bring them to a stylist to get them professionally placed.

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