Tips for Pairing Vibrant Extensions With Your Own Hair

Bright hues of blue and pink in your hair are all the range. Celebs like Katy Perry have led the way with this tress revolution. Luckily, adding some fun and vibrant colors to your hair doesn't mean you have to damage your natural hair. You can just add some vibrant color tape in extensions, and voila! You've got yourself stylish, colorful hair without damaging your hair!

tape in hair extensions

Colors for Blondes

Fortunately, if you have blonde hair, the options for vibrant extensions for blondes are incredibly versatile. Generally, those with blond hair can rock any hue they want. However, you might want to be careful if your hair isn't a platinum blonde. Those with ash blonde and other shades may look washed out with lighter colors. Silver highlights are difficult to pair with blonde hair. It's important to know that they show up best in people's hair who have an ash blonde or a paler shade of blonde. The contrast between the gray and platinum blonde might not show up well.  

tape in hair extensions

Colors for Brunettes 

Having brown tresses doesn't limit your options for vibrant hair extensions. Any bright or dark colors of hairpieces match your hair well. It all depends on what type of look you're striving for. For instance, cherry extensions look more realistic and give you a rock star appearance. The same with the vibrant blue extensions. If you opt for silver highlights, you may want to use another color to offset them, so you don't look like you're prematurely graying. 

You won't know if a color truly enhances your hair until you try it for yourself. These general recommendations can help with the decision process. The best part of getting a vibrant color tape in hair extension from SDX Hair, is that if you take good care of them, you can wear them more than once!

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