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How to Recover From a Hair Disaster With Extensions

How to Recover From a Hair Disaster With Extensions

Most of us have lived to tell the tale about a hair disaster. It could’ve been a bad haircut or a dye job that fried the hair beyond recognition. In the past, you may have been forced to suffer for weeks or months as you patiently waited for your hair to grow out. Thanks to tape in hair extensions you won't have to wait for a bad hair cut to grow out anymore.

Tape in hair extensions

Why Tape-In Hair Extensions?

When a hair disaster is related to damaged hair, the last thing you want is to use more harsh treatments to recover your locks. Extensions that are braided into the hair can be damaging since it causes tension in your scalp. Instead, choose tape-in hair extensions that bonds real human hair to the damaged hair. Tape-in hair extensions won’t stop your natural hair growth. Best of all, if your hair is chemically damaged, you’re not using more chemicals to apply the extensions. 

tape in hair extensions

Choosing the Right Extensions

Since you want time to grow out your hair either because of a too-short hairdo or chemical treatments, get tape-in hair extensions that last up to eight weeks. For a seamless look, choose natural hair extensions with a shade that matches your current hair color. Hair extensions are very thick and you control the amount of volume by deciding how many pieces to tape in. You can take our Quiz to find out how many hair extension pieces and which colors you need! Choose an experienced stylist to install the tape-in hair extensions for best results.

tape in hair extensions

Caring for Damaged Hair While Wearing Extensions

Keep up with a healthy hair care routine while wearing tape-in hair extensions. Wash your hair approximately twice a week. Regularly brush through your hair and the extensions using a natural boar brush. Keep your hair moisturized with deep conditioning treatments at least once a week while the extensions are in. But make sure you do not apply the conditioning treatment on the actual tape section.

Salvage your damaged hair by choosing tape-in hair extensions from SDX Hair.