A little extra care makes showering your tape in hair extensions easy. Remember do not wash your hair for a minimum of two days after the installation of your extensions to avoid slippage. 

tape in hair extensions

Showering With Tape In Hair Extensions

Step One: Brush Your Hair First

Use a wet/dry detangling brush before you shower and at least 2-3 times daily. This step will help you keep your tape in hair extensions untangled.

Step Two: Shampoo Properly

Use a mild shampoo that helps ensure your extensions remain beautiful. Proper shampooing includes starting at the root of your hair slowly massaging the shampoo downward through the hair shaft. Nos need to shampoo to the end of the hair. Don’t scrub or rub in a circular fashion as this will cause a lot of tangling.

Step Three: Conditioning

Don’t use a “keratin enriched” conditioner. Conditioner should be kept away from the adhesive In the flat tape of the hair extension. Use the product from mid-shaft then down. If you use a leave-in conditioner make certain it is safe for use with hair extensions.

Step Four: Ready To Brush And Towel Dry 

As you exit the shower, remember to brush your hair with care. A towel is OK to use starting at the top of your hair and slowly moving down to the tips. Try not to rub the towel on your hair to avoid tangling and damage to the hair extensions.

Step Five: Blow Dry 

When you blow-dry your hair set the dryer at the "low" temperature setting. If you use a heat treat and shine protectant, make certain it's safe for tape in hair extension use. Dry your hair section by section using the dryer and brush.

Learning how to take great care of your hair is key to maintaining your beauty standard. Visit our website to learn more about how to care for your tape in hair extensions and to learn about purchasing some today. 

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