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Looking for the Perfect Shade of Turquoise Hair Extensions?  Use Tape in Hair Extensions!

Looking for the Perfect Shade of Turquoise Hair Extensions? Use Tape in Hair Extensions!

Turquoise Hair Extensions have been at the forefront of the vibrant hair color beauty craze for years now.  Many consumers think the best route is to pre-bleach their hair and then apply temporary dyes in shades of turquoise or teal to achieve their goals. Unfortunately, this method is damaging (lots of bleach at high volumes) and the temporary color applied on tops fades quickly.

How can I keep my Turquoise Hair from fading?

Stop Coloring it!!  Yes, skip the bleach and the temporary color and opt for a chemical free, fade free alternative in Tape in Hair Extensions.  Turquoise Hair Extensions applied using a tape in method are a perfect way to enhance your color in the shade you want without the fade and without the damage of bleach and other harsh chemicals.

Take a peek at what SDX. Tape in Hair Extensions has to offer:


How Long do Turquoise Hair Extensions Last?

Turquoise Tape in Hair Extensions last up to 8 weeks with proper care and maintenance.  A good maintenance routine is the key to maintaining any hair service.  You can find out everything you need to know about to maintain and care for your tape in hair extensions here.


Can I shampoo and Style my Turquoise Hair Extensions?

Yes! You absolutely can.  Of course, there are a few things to keep in mind, you can find a detailed care program here, and look here for general Do's and Don'ts.  But for some bullet points on shampooing and styling, see below:

  • Shampoo the hair above the top line of your Turquoise tape in hair extensions using an interlocking motion between each layer of tabs
  • Shampoo your turquoise hair extensions in a downward motion 0 do not scrub together
  • Condition the Turquoise hair extensions mid shafts to ends only - do not put conditioner on the tab or allow it to seep down the scalp gathering at the tab
  • Use of Styling products on your turquoise hair extensions should not be applied directly to the tape tab.
  • When using heat to style your Turquoise hair extensions, it must be kept away from the tab at all times.
  • All heat tools must be set at or under 200 degrees when using on your turquoise hair extensions.