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[How To:] Tape in Hair Extensions Do's & Don'ts


DO wait 48 hours before washing your hair.

DO use a soft, boar bristle brush; starting at the ends and working your way up, always brushing in a downward motion. Brush before shampooing to keep hair from matting.

DO use a good leave-in conditioner from mid-shaft to ends, keeping away from the tape tabs. 

DO wear your hair in a low, loosely braided ponytail whenever swimming, exercising or sleeping.

DO have a licensed professional remove and reapply your extensions. 

DO see a licensed professional if you experience any slipping or have any questions concerning your tape in hair extensions. 

DO replace your tape tabs with SDX. Super Hold tape for longer wear time (up to 8 weeks) view our step by step tutorial here.


DON‘T use any products containing alcohol, oil, or ethanol. Alcohol-based products are drying to the hair and can compromise the strength of the adhesive bond.

DON‘T brush hair harshly.

DON‘T go to bed with your hair wet.

DON‘T chemically process your hair at home. Rely on your salon professional for any services while wearing extensions.

DON‘T remove your extensions yourself.

DON‘T apply higher than 200°F when applying heat.

DON‘T apply conditioner directly to the tabs.

DON‘T wear a high ponytail or updo styles that would cause the extension tabs to be over-directed in any manner.


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