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Holiday Hair Extensions Ideas & Trends

Holiday Hair Extensions Ideas & Trends

Hair extensions are a great way to express yourself, look great, feel great, and have a great time. They can help you pull off an over-the-top hairstyle that knocks ‘em dead and gets heads turning, or they can just be stylish and classy. Either way, you’ll make an impression.

Here are 5 tape in hair extensions styles that are going to be all the rage this holiday season.


Beautiful Braids

tape in hair extensions

Incorporating extensions with braids is a great way to hide the fact that you’re wearing extensions while creating something truly wonderful. The design options are endless, and you’ll love the result.

Striking Vibrant Colors

Tape in hair extensions

Extensions are a great way to pull off wild, fantastic, almost costume-grade styles. Speaking of costumes, Halloween is creeping up. What better way to make your look stand out- and maybe even win a contest- than by enhancing your look with vibrant color extensions?

Bold, Balayage Colors

tape in hair extensions

If you've recently gone to the stylist and added some natural looking highlights, mix it up by adding length with tape in hair extensions. If you don't want to color your natural hair, you can add varying color extensions to add beautiful, natural-looking dimension to your hair, without all the damaging chemicals.

Cool, Crazy, Long

tape in hair extensions

There’s nothing more alluring than long, shining, healthy-looking hair. With extensions, you can pull it off like gangbusters. Have a great, flowing mane- and best yet- it’s a style that can easily conceal extensions.


Fire-Side Chat

tape in hair extensions

Mixing colors with hair extensions can be easy and exciting. If you’re a redhead- or plan to be- try mixing reds with your natural hair for a fiery combo of waves and streaks.