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How to Hide Your Tape In Hair Extensions

How to Hide Your Tape In Hair Extensions

You may love the way your extensions make your hair look full and luscious but keeping extensions hidden can be a struggle. These tips can help you hide your tape-in hair extensions so no one will ever know you are wearing them.

It Takes Some Practice: It will take some practice if you are new to your extensions. There is a learning curve so get comfortable with a low ponytail and then move on to braids and other hairstyles.

Have the Proper Placement: With tape-in hair extensions, you don’t want to tape them too close to the scalp. This can prevent strands from growing freely and limit the movement of your hair. You will need to learn the placement of your extensions. When you go to check if they are hidden, start with the ones in the front and then move toward the back. There is more hair in the back of the head so it can be easier to hide those extensions.

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Braiding: Low braids are the best type of braids for tape-in hair extension. The best way to hide your tape-in hair extensions when doing braids is just making sure your hair extensions aren't placed too close to the edges.

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Half-Up Hairstyle: This should be done only when you have your tape in hair extensions applied to the bottom half of your hair. When doing a half-up hairstyle try to leave enough hair above the extensions to cover. It’s recommended to have ¼ inch of hair above the extensions for hiding.

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Ponytail: High ponytails should be avoided when wearing tape in hair extensions. Use a comb to place your hair back, carefully avoid brushing directly over the tape. Use a hair tie that won't rip off your hair to minimize breakage.

Don’t Stress: You don’t want to overthink it and it’s likely that your extensions won’t be too noticeable. Don’t make yourself go crazy trying to hide them all.