Can I Color My Tape In Hair Extensions?

Just like fashion, hair color trends change each season. If you have tape-in hair extensions, you may be wondering if you'll have to skip out on trying a darker shade or some red highlights this fall. 

tape in hair extensions

Well, great news -- you don't have to color your tape-in hair extensions! SDX Hair offers a wide range of natural and fun colors that you can choose from. In fact, we offer a quiz to help you find how many pieces you need. 

If you're looking to add some length, volume, and/or color to your hair, check out our various tape in hair extensions. Even if you've recently changed your hair color, you're bound to find the perfect tape in hair extensions for you! 

tape in hair extensions

Take Good Care of Your Hair & Extensions

If you decide to wear your tape-in hair extensions every day, be sure to give them the extra care they need to stay clean and untangled. If you have colored hair and add in tape in hair extensions you should select products that will keep both healthy:

  • Be choosy about your hair care products. Oils, alcohol, and ethanol can break down the tape. 
  • Comb or brush your tape-in extensions gently when wet and dry.
  • Limit the use of heat tools and never apply heat directly to the tape tabs.

Fortunately, having tape-in hair extensions doesn't mean you can't try some of the hottest hair color trends this fall. Simply take some extra precautions and show your hair a little extra TLC... and enjoy that new color!

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