Do Tape in Hair Extensions Look Natural?

The extensions that you put into your hair should look as natural as possible so that they blend well with your existing hair. You want one glorious mane of hair that all looks like it's from you rather than looking like your hair plus extras. With our tape in hair extensions, that was one of the main reasons behind their creation. 

tape in hair extensions

Expertly Crafted, Natural Hair Extensions

When seasoned hairstylists got together to handcraft SDX Tape in Hair Extensions, they were bringing more than 30 years of beauty industry experience to their creation. They knew the value of custom artistry in the field, and they wanted to develop an extension that looked natural for every user and that could be maintained along with your own hair. What they developed wasn't a better synthetic or a more-realistic blend. They saw that only human hair looks exactly like human hair. That's why every single SDX set is made from human hair that comes from Remy hair donors.

tape in hair extensions

The Power of Human Hair

Your custom look comes from real human hair that is mixed in with your own real hair. That's the best way to get an amazing, natural look. And because it's real human hair, it can be shampooed, conditioned, brushed and blow-dried along with your own hair. And each time you get your extensions, you get brand new, real human hair installed. This allows you to change your style as needed.

With this real-hair system, you don't have to worry about getting constant maintenance or constantly needing new pieces. You can keep your extensions for as long a two months, depending on the strength of the tape used. After that time, you don't have to worry about keeping the extensions or caring for them. It's the same price to get brand-new Remy hair as it would be to get the old ones installed. With SDX Tape in Hair Extensions, you have no reason at all not to indulge in brand new, natural hair as often as you like.

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